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Contemporary Counterfeit Capped Bust Half Collectors Club

Unpublished Varieties

1836 - 1839


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ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 11   Larger spacing on both sides of star 9 (similar to 1838 10/K)

Rev. K     UNITED STATES OF AMERICA close together (identical to 1838 10/K)

Obv.  7 stars to right of bust.  Bust is a good likeness, possibly transferred from a genuine coin, considering crudeness of other features.

Rev.  All lettering crude.  Distinctive three lines form the head of the eagle.  No horizontal A crossbar in HALF.  Almost no detail in shield.

1 piece seen; German silver with reeded edge



Obv. 14    Squashed 3 in date

Rev.  O   “States of America” reads as one word

Obv.  Small stars.  Large head.  Small, thin numerals in date, with 3 having a large, flat top squashed onto the bottom loop.

Rev.   HALF DOL.  Right wing is under the M.  Larger space between AM than ME.

Only 1 piece seen; small dia planchet (30 mm).  Rare


ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 19    ' Wicked Witch of the West ' Liberty

Rev. T       Missing period after HALF DOL

Obv.   Liberty profile looks like the Wicked Witch of the West of OZ. Stars 10 and 11 are very close with star 11 being smaller.  Stars 12 and 13 are very close with star 13 being smaller.  All star points uneven in size. Crude date that slants to the left.  The 1 is missing its top and bottom serifs.  The 3's flat top tilts down to the left and the bottom curve is thick and disportionate.

Rev.   Missing period after HALF DOL Crude eagle with opened beak. 

1 piece seen; reeded edge.  Rare


ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 5    Date numerals 18 are low and tilted to the right 

Rev. E    HALFDOL reads as one word with the period missing

Obv. The date numerals 18 are low and tilted to the right. Well done bust that is taller, wider and more highly placed. The O mintmark is faint in comparison to the date's boldness

Rev.  HALFDOL reads as one word with the period missing.  The legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA reads as one word with unevenness, a smaller A in STATES, and an upward spike in the center of the O in OF.

1 piece seen; reeded edge.  Rare