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Contemporary Counterfeit Capped Bust Half Collectors Club

Unpublished Varieties

1833 - 1835


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Obv. 29   Star 13 distant from date

Rev. DD   Large ED in “United”

Les-Below right serif of E

Res-Below left stand of M

Obv.  Stars small and closely spaced.  Portrait crowded toward stars at left.  Star 7 nearly touches the middle of curl.  Date is low and also shifted to the left.  There is a huge gap between the date and star 13.

Rev.  Turkey eagle.  United States reads as one word with ED in “United” larger than the other letters.  The right side of the T aligns with the left side of the I.  The 5, 0, and C of 50C are nearly evenly spaced.

2 pieces seen; German silver, flatly struck for a VF appearance, but with luster!  Some die rust.  Small lump in left obverse field; opposite star 2.  Second piece in Good also German silver, but with a high copper content.  Rare


Obv. 36   8 tilts to the right

Rev. JJ    Stripes in shield are misplaced

Les-Middle of E

Res-Middle of M

Obv.   Date has a thick 1.  The 8 is thick in the center with thin outer loops.  The 3’s are round and close together.

Rev.  Eagle looks like a turkey.  Arrowheads are small and thick.  Vertical stripes in shield are spaced closely on the left, but widely on the right.

Discovery coin thin brass planchet (cracked) with plain edge. 2nd specimen found silver wash over copper with plain edge. Rare


 ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 38    Flattened lower knobs of 3s

Rev. LL    Wide, slanted 50 C.  

Les- Below lower right edge of E

Res-Left of center of M

Obv. Crude date with tiny bottom right serif of 1, an 8 looking like the letter S with closed loops, and flattened lower knobs of 3’s. Also, die break from bottom knob to top knob in both 3’s. Well formed Liberty and stars. Stars on left are all close together.

Rev. Wide 50 C. slanted to upper left.  Legend letters that are readable have missing / enlarged serifs and / or stands. UNUM is very crudely cut.

1 piece seen; copper with lettered edge


ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 39   Protruding nose and chin in Liberty's profile

Rev. MM     High period in 50 C.

Les - Piece too worn to determine 

Res - Below left side of left stand of M

Obv.  Protruding nose and chin in Liberty's profile.  18 closely spaced with a high 8.

Rev. The period is very high in the 50 C. and is closely centered just to the right of the opening of the C. Visible legend letters and 50 C. are thickened (flattened?).  Top of F in OF is elongated. 

1 piece seen; cracked planchet with an uneven strike.  German silver with lettered edge.


ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 40     Large 3s

Rev. NN    I alignment is far to left under center of A

Les - Between T and E

Res - Below left side of left serif of M

Obv. Crude date with large 3s, lower base of the 1 missing, and the upper left loop of the 8 missing.  Stars unevenly formed with stars 9 through 13 missing one or more points.  Liberty is flatly struck but from the profile is well done with a slightly enlarged nose.  Die lump between stars 9 & 10 near edge.

Rev. I alignment is far to the left under the center of the A (no 1833 Overton matches are even close).  Second S in STATES small.  Most visible letters in the banner are incomplete, and the B's alignment in PLURIBUS is high.  Zero in 50 C. is open at both the top and the bottom. Die lump below E in AMERICA.

1 piece seen; copper with plain edge


ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 19          Right rotated date with 3 and 4 touching

Rev. S             High, left slanting 50 C.  

Les - Below left serif of D

Res - Below left stand of M

Obv.  Right rotated date with 3 and 4 touching, shortened 1 and low 4.  Liberty and stars placed high.

Rev.  High, left slanting 50 C. that is crudely formed noticeably with an elongated triangular top on the 5.  Legend letters are bloated with some letters filled in. 

 1 piece seen, German silver with lettered edge


ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 9“a” Flat top 3 in date

Rev. R      I between T and E

Les - Middle of D

Res – Inside right stand of M

Obv. Similar to Obv. 9, however the date and stars 8 – 11 have all been recut, and the left side of the bottom loop in 8 is open (not closed and thick like 9/I variety) with 8 and 3 showing recuttings.

Rev. Obviously the same counterfeiter as Rev. I, but with the following differences.  Broken third arrowshaft, N in UNITED is much higher at the base than U and I. I is between the T and E. ICA in AMERICA distant from each other.

1 piece seen; lines on edge.


Obv. 13  Stars unevenly spaced

Rev. M  High period after C in 50C

Les-Below lower right edge of E

Res-Below inside left edge, right stand of A

Obv.  Bust of U.S. Mint quality, but stars and date are crude.  Stars 3,4,5 are recut.  Stars 3 and 4 closer than 4 and 5.  The date is very small and crude. The 1 is high, bottom of 8 is thin, and 5 tilts left and points up to star 10.

Rev.   Eagle and scroll also from genuine coin or hub, with the legend and 50C crudely engraved.  The A in “States” is higher than the T’s, the E is higher than T and S.  Period after C in 50C is high within the upper third of the C.

3 pieces seen; brassy planchet, silver plated, lettered edge.  Very scarce


ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 16  Flat top 3 in date. 

Rev. P  Shield cockeyed low left, high right. 

Les-Between D and S.

Res-Below right serif, right base of M.

Obv.  Small low date rotated counterclockwise up along rim.

Rev.  S rotated down to the right, A small and bottom of E nearly filled in STATES.  5 in 50 C. top tilted to right. Eagle has very thick neck. 

Only 1 piece seen.  Rare



ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 17  Date and bust off-center to the right 

Rev Q    Missing letter serifs, tiled and letters misaligned in legend 

Les - Between E and D

Res - Centered on left stand of M

Obv.   Date and bust off-center to the right (thought to be family of 1834 12/L obverse) although date is lower.  Bottom curve in 3 enlarged.  Top of 5 in date thin extending to a point and lifting upwards.  Stars have uneven points lengths

Rev.   Missing letter serifs, tilted and letters misaligned in legend; UNI missing left serifs and I and E tilted to left in UNITED, TAT higher in STATES, O missing bottom loop and F higher in OF. M missing left serifs and inner left serif on right stand, I missing top left serif in AMERICA. I aligned to center T. 5 high and upper portion filled, 0 lopsided missing upper right uniformity, C closed at ends, period extremely weak to appear missing without magnification in 50 C.

2 pieces seen; lettered edge,  German silver metal.  Rare