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Unpublished Varieties

1829 - 1832


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ccCBHcc vetted

D 16/Q

Cast copy of O-102


ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 17  Crude date and stars with uneven  points

Rev. R     STATESOFAMERICA as one word

Les - Below center stand of D

Res - Below center of M

Obv.  Date is crude.  The 1 is missing its base and has a blunt top serif point.  The 8 has thin upper and lower loop edges on the left and thick upper and lower loop edges on right.  The 2 has a filled top and bottom, and a shortened base.  The 9 is made of thin lines with no knob end on the bottom loop.  The stars have uneven points, more noticeably with stars 1, 4, 6, 7, and 9 through 13.

Rev.  STATESOFAMERICA as one word.  Uneven legend letters with many letters incomplete or having enlarged serifs and / or stands.  Additionally in the legend, the U is elongated in UNITED,  and the second A in AMERICA is smaller.  The 50 C. is made of very thin lines with the C and the period widely spaced.  The segments around the edge have needle shaped ends instead of being rounded. 

1 piece seen; likely brass with plain edge


 ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 18  Similar to Obverse 8

Rev. S     Uneven letter allignments in legend

Les - Below middle of E

Res - Between A and M

Obv.  Very likely coined by the same counterfeiter as other 1829 varieties 8/H.  8/I, 11/B, 13/N and 15/P.  Date of this variety is most similar to the 8/H variety with even spacing between numerals and a high 9.

Rev.   Uneven letter alignments in legend including; D in UNITED, ES in STATES, F in OF and the second A in AMERICA. Very faint period in 50 C.  

 1 piece seen; German silver with lettered edge


Obv. 10          Similar to O-119

Rev. O                       

Les-Between E and D

Res-Between A and M

Obv.   The 8 in date has thin, bent loops; recutting or doubling on date and several stars.  Similar in appearance to 8/H.

Rev. The “N” in “Unum” is directly below the F in “Of”.  The 50C is high and large with the C nearly touching the stem.

4 pieces seen.  Lots of matching diagnostic die lumps on all 4 examples.  Very scarce


Obv. 17    High 3 in date

Rev. S       0 in 50C tilts right

Les-Below lower right edge of E

Res-Between A and M

Obv. Similar to Obverse 1.  Point of star 7 to top of curl.  Small 8 and large, high 3.

Rev. Also similar to Reverse A, but the 0 in 50C is noticeably tilted right.

3 pieces known;  German silver with reeded edge.  Very Scarce


Obv. 12  Stars 1,2,3 are close

Rev. L  Shield tilts to the right

Les - Below lower right edge of E       

Res - Below below left stand of M

Obv.  First 3 stars are close.  Others on the left are more widely spaced.  Stars 9 and 10 are also close.  Date is off-center to the right.

Rev.  The I in “Pluribus” tilts to the right (under right side of T).  All features are rough and angular.

Only 1 piece seen.  Rare


Obv. 14   Both 1’s in date are high

Rev.  N    Arrow feather below stem

Les- Below right side of E

Res-Below left stand of M

Obv.  Flat, tall portrait. Stars 1 through 5 have small lower points. Large gap between stars 9 & 10.

Rev.  Similar to 1831 reverse G, except top arrowhead is close to A3.  The 5 is higher than the 0 and tilts up to the left.  Shield has 7 gules (vertical stripes).

Only 1 piece seen.  Rare


ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 19          Small top serifs on 1’s

Rev. S             OFAMERICA reads as one word  

Les - Below left side stand of D

Res - Between A and M

Obv.  Well made date that has very small top serifs of 1s.  Well formed Liberty and stars.

Rev.   OFAMEARICA reads as one word with wide space between second S in STATES and O in OF.         50 C. slanted to upper left.

1 piece seen; brass with lettered edge 


ccCBHcc vetted

D 19/T

Cast copy of O-106