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Contemporary Counterfeit Capped Bust Half Collectors Club

Unpublished Varieties

1818 - 1828


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 ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 9  Wide date with 81 wider than other digits. Stars 1 and 2 closely spaced

Rev. I   Second arrowhead rests strongly against the first arrowshaft.

Les - Middle of E     

Res - Left stand of M

Obv.  Wide date with 81 wider than other digits. Stars 1 and 2 closely spaced with star 1 nearly touching Liberty’s drapery. Two points of star 10 are not symmetrically angled as compared to the other star points.

Rev.  Second arrowhead rests strongly against first arrowshaft flattening the left edge of the arrowhead. Possible from a weak strike and wear the legend's letters are incomplete; E missing center crossbar in UNITED, A missing                      crossbar and second S missing bottom in STATES, F missing most of top in OF, first A missing crossbar in AMERICA.

 1 piece seen; some lines visible on the edge; likely a copper / German silver alloy


ccCBHcc vetted


Obv. 4   High, right titled 9

Rev D    C in AMERICA like U on its side

Les - Center of E

Res - Center of right stand of A

Obv.  Date has high 9 that is tilted to the right.  Both 1s are missing their lower left and right serifs.  Second 1's upper left serif is elongated and at a right angle to the vertical shaft of the numeral. Points of stars are of uneven lengths.  Liberty well modeled, but narrower and lacks a double chin profile.

Rev.   Legend letters uneven in the words UNITED STATES OF.  C in AMERICA does not curve back inward at the top and bottom ends making the letter look like the letter U laying on its side. Letters of PLURIBUS unevenly spaced, and U is high in UNUM in scroll.

1 piece seen; lettered edge, German silver metal.  Rare


ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 6  Partial 14th star

Rev F    Large titled 5 in 50 C.

Les - Right edge of stand of D

Res - Left stand of M

Obv.  Partial 14th star visible above roughly the center of Liberty's cap. Stars are not uniformly shaped, with stars 10 and 11 closely spaced. Numeral 2 is thinly elongated and O is shortened in date.

Rev. Letters in legend are not uniform and/or are incomplete; U upper right bar with serifs missing and D is missing lower loop in UNITED, A is shortened and lower in STATES, OF is closely spaced to STATES, R has a lump on the outside of the upper loop and missing are the upper curve in C and right bottom base of the second A in AMERICA. The 5 in  50 C. is enlarged and tilted upward to the left.

 1 piece seen; likely a copper / German silver alloy


ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 2            1 much higher than 8

Rev. I             Letters in OF evenly aligned   

Les - Left side, stand of D

Res - Between A and M

Obv.  See former description, obverse 2.

Rev.   Identical to reverse B with two exceptions.  The letters in OF in the legend  are  evenly aligned (B reverse has distinct higher O). The letters in    PLURIBUS are evenly cut and spaced (B reverse has a larger and more deeply cut U, widely spaced from the B and closely spaced to the S). 

1 piece seen


Obv. 6  Die break from cap to stars 10, 11.

Rev. F   NI joined, A higher than M

Les-Below lower right edge of E

Res- Below lower left edge of M

Obv. Large die break from rim through back edge of cap, below star 10, to rim to right of star 11.  Curl base 2, top loop of 3 is larger than lower loop.  Star 13is close to the curl.

Rev.  N and I joined at base.  The A in “America” is high and tilts left.

Only 2 pieces seen; German silver, thin with plain edge.  Rare


Obv. 13  Thick 1 in date

Rev. M Left side of I below right side of T

Les-Lower left serif of D

Res-Middle of left stand of M

Obv.  Numerals in date are thick, particularly the 1.  The 6 is high.  Tops of 8 and 2 align, but base of 2 is higher.  Stars are drawn towards rim.  Star 7 points to the top of curl.

Rev.  A3 touches the arrowhead.

Only 1 piece seen; Copper planchet with lightly pitted surfaces.  Overall appearance of a VF coin.  Edge has crude marks meant to imitate lettering.  Appears at first glance to be a cast copy of a genuine coin, but it is not a good match to any variety listed in the Overton reference (particularly the date).  Rare


ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 14   1 high and titled to left.

Rev. N     Large 5 tilted to left.  

Les - Below right serif edge of E

Res - Centered under left stand of M

Obv.   High 1 tilted to the left.  Top knob of 6 is slightly squared off at the end.  Well formed Liberty and stars.

Rev.  Large 5 is tilted to the left with an almost nonexistent ending knob.  The 5  due to its large size towers over the 0 C. but the 50 C. grouping is evenly aligned at the bottom.  Upper feathers in eagle's wing on the right are formed with crude diamond like shapes.  Legend letters' serifs are missing or are too large, with OF letters small by comparison to other legend letters.  Banner letters missing some serifs with second U in PLURIBUS too low.

 1 piece seen in German silver, lettered edge 


ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 6   High date with elongated 7

Rev. F    Enlarged top serif filled in letter C of 50 C.

Les - Left serif of D

Res - Left serif of M

Obv.     High date with an elongated 7 drawn to rim.  Date is uniformly aligned across the top of all four numerals. Well formed stars and Liberty.  Stars 3 and 4 are close and 5 and 6 are close. Incomplete stars 2, 3 and 4 on plate coin appear to be a flaw in the planchet and/or a weak strike.

Rev.     50 C. is high 50 C. with a letter C that has an enlarged top serif that is filled. Very close E and S in STATES.  Upper left serifs of letters M and E missing in AMERICA.  Letters in AMERICA surrounded by small die lumps with one between the A and top arrowhead that makes it appear they are attached. Shorter third arrowhead.

2 pieces seen; lettered edge,  German silver metal.  Rare


 ccCBHcc vetted

Obv. 1   Stars 2 and 8 recut.

Rev. P   Right side of I and left side of T aligned

Les - Below center of E

Res - Below center of M

Obv.   See description, 1828 1/A

Rev.   At first sight similar to Rev. B, however there are many differences. The  right side of I is aligned with the left side of T (I is under A on Rev. B). The     base of A is even with both T’s in STATES (A is very high on Rev. B). Also, the bases of AM almost touch with the base of M on top of the base of A in                AMERICA (A and M are distant on Rev. B).

1 piece seen; lettered edge; German silver.